1. Property Tours

    We provide our tours to every one (Local and Foreign) who is seeking to rent or buy property in Ulaanbaatar City.

    Interior Design advisory and Furnishing services

    We provide expert advice on architecture and interior design

    Property Consultancy

    We provide quality expert advice and analysis to navigate in Mongolian real estate business

    Property Management

    We provide management packages and options depending on the needs of a client

    Long term rental

    We provide long term rentals (12 months or above)registered in our database. Feel free to navigate from our databases and official website 

    Short term rental

    We are cooperating with Mongolian best guest and resort companies to provide rent from days to few months

    Real estate sales assistance

    We are providing information on sales from our vast database to help and inform you on best deals regarding apartment, office, retail, business spaces, marketing and industrial places. Please visit our website for more info.